"The Original"

We start with a flour tortilla and fill it with some lightly battered cheese curds, we then add some slices of Johnsonville bratwurst.  The entire shell is then fried with the contents until it reaches that crunchy golden color.  We then top the fried taco with some fresh iceberg lettuce and our tangy bajá sauce.

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Our Story

Our family company has been in the food concession industry for decades.  We have done many fairs and festivals across the country.  Our goal is always to provide a fresh, tasty and safe food service to anywhere we perform our services.  We like to communicate with our patrons to know how good service was, so that we are always pushed to provide the best service possible.  Often times talking with the people at our events is the most rewarding part of the job.

Many of the people going to fairs and festivals these days are looking for these new foods that make headlines and draw a high demand.  Always experimenting and thinking, our team has developed this crazy delightful golden fried taco.  The ingredients are all from the heart of the midwest.  The ingredients are what makes great food and it has taken quite some time to find the best for this item.  Thus, we give to you the Cheese Curd Taco!

Cheese Curd Tacos menu